It all started...

on a balcony in Miami, Florida, where we met for the first time. We both immediately recognized each others sense of drive and entrepreneurial insight. As months of conversation continued between us, each of our assets in business insight and services started to cross over to each others customers. More and more customers started coming to us for advice on which systems would best integrate and how to implement those systems into their business to increase future growth/sales. As we spent more and more time with our customers as a team, we together acknowledged most business owners were spending an enormous amount of time trying to find the right solutions for their business, but they ideally didn't have the time or knowledge to make the proper evaluation and/or even implement the solution. This problem or what we call "pain," ultimately "costs" a business an enormous amount of time and money, not to mention can cause stagnant growth.

As more time was spent listening to these business owners, finding solutions which fit and integrated as one to increase efficiency and reduce their costs started to become our mission. Plus, we wanted to find systems which our customers could feel confident using and independent of being tied to another company or person to continually manage for them, leading to additional costs. We became determined and focused in relieving this pain for others. After about six months of researching, testing, implementing, integrating, analyzing, and reviewing efficiency, we officially joined forces and created CURACY.

CURACY is now a firm which we provide business solutions from A to Z for startups and small business owners. We are a one stop location for your business to select and implement cost efficient systems to increase your growth and profit margins, while also setting you free to be confident and independent with your day to day operations.

We are truly here to help relieve your pain and help you succeed!



Our Mission Statement

Mission Statement


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