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This system is for any person who need to keep track

and/ or bill for their time.

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* In Our Opinion:

Good for Beginner to Expert level users




The video we have provided shows you exactly why we use Minutedock.

For years we either felt underpaid/undervalued by our clients.

Does that ring a bell with you?

The problem wasn't our clients problem though, it was ours.

We hadn't taken the time to evaluate where we were spending our time with each client. We were basing the projects price/cost on a guestimate of the time it would take to complete, but in reality it was a really bad way to function. 

We always felt like we had put so much more time into a project compared to how much we were charging for. So, we decided to track it and see why we were feeling this way or if our feelings were wrong.

LIFE CHANGING! Through tracking our time we were able to determine more accurately how much we should be charging for a project. Plus it allowed us to see which type of clients we should be charging based on an hourly fee vs an all encompassing total fee. It showed us which clients were sucking our time without us seeing any revenue or results and those who really worked well with us and we could help them the most. That empowered us to let some client go and pick up others who we really could make a positive impact for.

So, if you any of your services are based on time vs. just a product, then I would highly recommend Minutedock. This is also a wonderful tool for if you have a Virtual Assistant so you can see where their time is being spent.

Awesome Features:

  • TASKS & PROJECTS - Create tasks and project for each client with ease
  • BUILT FOR INDIVIDUALS & TEAMS - Track your time and your teams time from anywhere and from any device.
  • PUT A BUDGET ON A PROJECT - We love this feature! You can set a total budget for a project. Each activity in the project can be billed at a designated amount. As the time is tracked based on all activities it will notify you when you are about to go over budget.
  • REPORTING - For those of you who love to see your work not just in spreadsheet form, but in graphs...this reporting system does both and more! It gives you a clear and precise picture of where your time is going to be best spent!
  • BILLING for our time - Minutedock integrates seamlessly with our favorite accounting system XERO. (it integrates with others too, just Xero is our favorite)
It wasn’t until we started tracking our time until we saw how valuable our time was.
— Melissa Ann

It's truly is a very powerful system!


Sorry to disappoint you, but we don't have any at this time. 

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