Rare Opportunity for Small business owners




As part of continually testing the temperatures of the entrepreneurIal markets, Jeff and I have decided to prepare a rare opportunity for business owners to take advantage of.


We are looking for startups, small business owners, and independent consultants/coaches who are experiencing difficulties/pains in their business and need help finding resolve. 

We will be helping evaluate, execute, and implement. 

We will only be taking those who are serious about addressing the pains in their business and are looking towards creating more efficiency in their lives.

We thank you in advance for applying. 









Why are we doing this?

We believe in creating "win-wins" for everyone and we believe this opportunity will be just that.

Effective immediately, we will be taking application from startups, small business owners, and independent consultants/coaches for us to work with, evaluate and assist in implementing systems into their business to make their lives easier. We hope to help them get one step closer to the entrepreneurial lifestyle they have always dreamed of. 

In this project, we both will give back

We are going to try a new concept with this project. Our normal rate of operation is to charge by the hour to our clients for any strategizing or implementing we do with them.

In this rare case, we are going to approach this differently. We are going to ask the following of you:

  1. Your honesty
  2. Details about the pain and struggles you are experiencing in your business
  3. The rights to share your experience with future customers of ours
  4. Lastly, you get to decide how much to pay us. In other words, how much is it worth to you to get past this pain so you can move your business to the next level?

How is this going to work?

We simply will be choosing individuals who can give us the most feedback to their pains and have a willingness to open their minds to new ideas for solutions to the pain. We have said in our mission statement we want to help thousands of individuals run successful business. We truly mean this. We are willing to sacrifice for the possibilities we believe are in so many great individuals out there. What we ask in return is a positive attitude and a willingness to work with us as we evaluate and provide you solutions.


Ok, so here is the part that should excite you. Jeff and I believe in giving back and helping those in need. Mind you, we still have to make a living. We can't do this for free. Although, we ourselves have gone through start up and we know first hand how sometimes the funds can be scarce to get the help and advise you need. So, we are simply going to work with you on an honor system. What is solving this pain worth to you? What would you pay to have this problem solved? You get to determine how much you would and can pay for our help.

Like we said "THIS IS A RARE OPPORTUNITY" and not like anything we have done before. We may be shooting ourselves in the foot for doing it, but we truly want to bring value to your business for the better, which ultimately could change your life. 



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