UNSPLASH is AMAZING! This is a community of artist who provide their works for you to use on your website, print, social media, etc all for free. They do not charge you for any licensing. All they ask is for you to donate to the creator and give the creator credit. We use them all the time and love everything we have gotten from their site. These photographers are truly artist and it's a pleasure to help showcase their work to the rest of the world to experience.

They Offer: 

  • Images
  • Photography

ADOBE STOCK is also fabulous. All of their items are for purchase, but they have a wider range of stock footage you can use beyond just images/photography. 

They Offer:

  • Images/Photography
  • Videos
  • Templates: for creating your own designs
  • 3D: use models, lights, and materials to create 3d affects on your site
  • Premium: hand picked artist creations of images
  • Editorial: news worthy images and video