Jeff and I strive to provide you as much transparency as possible.

Throughout our entire website and even in many of the emails we send our subscribers, we give you more than one options of a system or resource you could use for that particular area of your business. 

The Curacy Heart next to any content we provide does not mean we don't like any of the other products or systems we have provided you. It simply means it's the product/system Jeff and I are "currently" using to specifically run and accomplish the goals we have in that particular area of our business.

Curacy is about providing you the resources and systems to "CURATE" the right solutions for YOUR specific business to achieve the highest level of efficiency. Business is not "a one size fit's all". You have to curate it for best results!

All of the systems we recommend are ones we have personally used/tried and/or evaluated. If there isn't a heart next to one of the systems, we still recommend that system as a good option and you should consider it as part of the evaluation of what will work best for you!

We are simply letting you know with the Curacy Heart which system we are currently using in that particular area.

Melissa Ann - Curator