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Welcome Counselors and Self-Employment Consultants,

Curacy is excited to support the services of which DVR provides to their customers. The area of specialty we work with are those customers whom are looking to move into the self employment opportunity. 

Our primary focus with these customers is to provide the most efficient systems to run their new business. Each and every business owner has their own individual needs based on their business plan. There are a few core systems every business owner we believe should have.


  • WEB PRESENCE (informational, service or e-commerce base on the type of business)
  • PAYMENT PROCESSING (each business owner must have ways to take and process payments offline, online or both)
  • ACCOUNTING / BOOKKEEPING (learning to keep track and managing their financials is a huge part of becoming a business owner.)
  • TAXES (every new business owner needs to make sure they are setting up their financials to pay the proper state and federal taxes.)

All of these areas are critical to a new business owner and can be very overwhelming and stressful. Here at Curacy we aim to provide systems we have personally vetted under the following criteria to help the new business owner learn how to efficiently run / manage their business.


  • Ease of learning (wizards, tutorials & support)
  • Ease of use
  • Visually soothing to the brain to increase productivity
  • Integration - can integrate with the other systems set in place for the customer to ensure a fluent work flow.
  • Online - all of the system we recommend / integrate for customers are web based. This ensures all team members supporting the DVR Customer can access for monitoring and support.





Our goal is to help you as the consultant and counselor to provide the systems necessary to properly complete a feasibility and business plan on behalf of your customer.

We encourage you to book a short session with us to see in advance what the best systems and costs would be for your particular customer as part of your planning process. 

In our conference with you, we will listen to your customers ideas, needs, and goals which you are helping establish for them. Then we will send you a proposal you can use as part of your feasibility and/or business plan outlining the best systems for that particular customers new business. 

Schedule a Q&A session Melissa Ann now.