General Data Protection Regulations

Hey Friends, 

You may already know this, but if not...I'm providing this for you to send to your friends and family who may own or run a website, blog, online store, or a mobile app.

Here is why...

You may have noticed several of the websites you regularly visit have new policy changes which pop up or are being emailed to you. Here is why you are seeing this and why it applies to you.

The GDPR laws are now in effect for all businesses, websites, blogs, online stores, and mobile apps regarding privacy policy, disclaimers, and disclosures. The fines for not being compliant will start being enforce on MAY 25, 2018. 

What is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most important change in Internet privacy laws in over 20 years. It contains 250 pages of tough privacy laws and regulations that will affect many website and mobile app owners worldwide.

My Recommendation

I'm recommending everyone use my friend, James Chiodo, owner and CIPP/US (US Certified Information Privacy Professional) Disclosure Templates™ to get their policies in place and posted on their website ASAP

I have been working with James over the last six months to come up with a comprehensive and cost-efficient way of meeting the new laws. He has done exactly that. Plus, he consults other law firms on how to make their clients compliant, as he is known for being the expert in this area.

I'm recommending clients at minimum get the Website Compliance and Protection Package 1 - Plus. It covers all of the primary items you will need, plus a 30 minute consultation with James to ensure your specific field of work/business operations do not require any further disclosures above and beyond what's included in this package. If anyone has any question, please do not hesitate to ask James. He is truly an expert. He handles all of our compliance here at Curacy and provides yearly checkups to ensure we are always on course with compliance changes.

Again, this GDPR law applies to ALL BUSINESSES,WEBSITES, BLOGS, ONLINE STORES, AND MOBILE APPS no matter what they are for. Plus, this is going to be a big deal to many website owners who I believe are going to be caught off guard. Even if your friend has a web designer/developer, not all designers are aware or implementing this for their clients. So, please forward this to all your contacts who have a website to ensure they get compliant. Let's help business owners avoid any unnecessary fines by doing our part in giving them the information they need. #PASSITON

If you need any help putting yours in place, just let me know.

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(Curacy® is dedicated to being transparent and compliant with our customers in all our relations and including any third party partnerships or affiliations we may have. To learn more about our Privacy Policies, Disclosures, Disclaimers, and Affiliate Terms please click here)

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Significant Fines and the Right to Sue
The GDPR can impose fines of up to 20,000,000 Euros or 4% of a business’s annual revenue for violations. The GDPR also makes it significantly easier for private individuals to sue businesses for compensation when the businesses are noncompliant.